Our Students

  • "Learning with other adults was a wonderful experience." - Jeanette
  • "I found the Business Admin course in VTOS a valuable learning experience. It gave me the confidence and knowledge to apply for further education at 3rd level." - Siobhan O'Donnell
  • "The Health Service Skills course has given me a wonderful opportunity to re-set my career path in a supportive and encouraging environment. I’m loving every minute and have made some great friends too." - Jody
  • "The course has made me realise that I can be creative. It has broadened my horizons and opened my eyes. The principles and elements of design make perfect sense to me now. I have begun to see things that I never saw before – colours, patterns, design, light, shadow." - Annemarie
  • "As a student in Childcare I was initially worried starting the course as it was a career change and I would be a mature student. However with great support from my group and teachers I have learned so much about childcare." - Anne Marie

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